By: J.T. Oldfield – Ethnic Seattle

July 26, Sunday from 9am-8pm @ Seward Park

Free Event!

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“Pista sa Nayon” is a Filipino phrase loosely translated as “town festival.” For centuries towns in the Philippines have held such festivals, usually to commemorate a good harvest, but also to generally have a good time! In Seattle, the Filipino community has been celebrating their Pista ever since 1990, with the goal of bringing together different elements of the Filipino community and promoting community growth and Filipino culture.

This year, attendees can expect all sorts of entertainment, such as the folk dances of Sayaw Pilipino Folk Dance Troupe, a University of Washington Filipino dance troupe. Food specialties will include halo-halo, a famous Filipino dessert, in which shaved ice and evaporated milk are mixed with jellies, fruits, and boiled sweetened beans. Often topped with ice cream, this is a perfect treat on a hot July day.

And don’t worry. There are plenty of fun activities for kids to burn off all the sugar from their halo-halo!

Photos from the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture news and events, 2013 Seattle Pista sa Nayon and Rainier Valley Post