By: Katy Wong – Ethnic Seattle

November 30, 2015

International Model Toys located in Chinatown International District offers all kinds of model toys ranging from the newest Gundam kits, collectible figurines from famous animations, anime posters, to modeling supplies. For parents seeking a cool gift for their teenagers, this might be one of the best choice. As days get darker quicker and the weather stays dreary outside, spend some quality time building model toys by the fire while sipping hot chocolate with your child. Not sure how to get started or which one to buy? The International Model Toys has a friendly staff that can explain and introduce you to the world of model toys. Their staff will be able to answer your questions and teach you how to get started with building kits. Most of the model toys and items are imported from Japan. The shop offers a variety of model toys mostly for kids 10-years-old and up. On average, it takes about eight hours to a month to build a model toy, so sit back and make sure you have a good supply of hot chocolate ready! Prices range from about $15 to $400.

sailor moon

Sailor Moon’s wands that could make your teenage dreams come true.


The shop also has variety of figures and figma, including Hatsune Miku, Super Mario, Naruto, and Dragon Ball.


For model toys expert who knows their way to build the coolest model, the shop also helps order specific models online, and find you the right paints and brushes that could make your model perfect.


The building kit comes with instruction, parts of the model, and more. The photo shows a more complicated Gundam building kit. The shop also offers building kits for beginners.


Micro Blocks is a perfect gift for yourselves and friends who want to build a mini cartoon model. The shop has a variety of characters including Ninja Turtle, Mario, SpongeBob, and Batman.


During the holiday season, don’t forget to say the magic word “Ethnic Seattle” to get a discount for your cool model toys!

International Model Toys
Address: 524 South King St. Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: Monday to Sunday 12p.m. to 6p.m.
Tel: (206) 682-8534