‘Tis the season for giving BIG

Here at Ethnic Seattle, we don’t often toot our own horn. In fact, as a young, nearly three-year-old website, our goal is to uplift others’ voices, those who don’t often get a platform to tell their stories. It’s been our honor to toot their horns, so to speak. And we want to continue doing so for many years to come. That’s why GiveBIG is so important. That’s why you, our readers, are so important.

And that’s why we’d like to take a moment to humble-brag just a little bit and tell you about what we do.

Ethnic Seattle is made possible by Ethnic Business Coalition (EBC), a nonprofit dedicated to advancing the success of small and micro-businesses owned by immigrants and people of color in the greater Seattle area. As EBC’s digital news, social media, and storytelling platform, we’re able to bring you unique stories about your neighborhoods, business owners, local leaders, community voices, and much more. Ethnic Seattle is just one of the many, many things EBC does for Seattle.

Over the years since 2014, EBC has been able to build stronger communities in Seattle through personal outreach initiatives, business improvement and assistance, marketing know-how, hosting events, and engaging in advocacy work. All with the main goal of helping small businesses build resilience.

To name a few accomplishments, EBC has:

  • Helped businesses through the Tenant Improvement Program, aiding restaurants like Maxang Deli improve signage, interior environment, sanitation, and fire safety.
  • Helped restaurants replace outdated hood systems and menus.
  • Hosted Holiday Pop-up Markets, where small businesses and vendors like Herman Lanier of Lanier’s Candies were able to increase their visibility and make a profit in a season where small businesses are often overlooked.
  • Offered information and interpretation about new legislation that would affected business owners, especially those whose first language isn’t English.

And that’s just a snapshot of the work EBC has accomplished in its short lifetime so far. Meanwhile, Ethnic Seattle has shone a light on so much: from local podcast dynamos to local restaurateurs faced with the “cheap eats” label to the strength of the Little Saigon community to the work of other local organizations like Refugee Women’s Alliance to small candy makers to moon cake taste testers, and more!

So we’d like to humbly take this opportunity to ask for your donation today. $5, $50, $500—anything and everything truly does help us continue to do the work that we do and more.

GiveBIG is May 10, but you can start donating whatever you’re able to as of right now (no funds will leave your account until May 10).

Please GIVE BIG to Ethnic Business Coalition and Ethnic Seattle TODAY here.

We’ve partnered with Washington Hospitality Association as our GiveBIG matching donation sponsor. Thank you so much, WHA!

We do food tours and dining events and we intend to send our generous donors a special thank you to show how grateful we are. Thank you for considering to give big to Ethnic Business Coalition!

With much gratitude,

Ethnic Business Coaltion & Ethnic Seattle