By: Kae Saeteurn – Ethnic Seattle

October 6, 2015

Before look

For the past few years, my go-to cut has always been short. I’ve had my fair share of “lobs” (long bobs) and chin-length asymmetrical cuts. After several months of letting my hair grow out past my shoulders, I decided that it was time for another haircut. Amid the latest looks and trends for angled bobs, lobs, and pixie cuts, I decided to go for a cut I had previously gotten. I wanted a specific asymmetrical cut, longer on the right side with a slight A-line bob.

I decided to revisit a place where I knew I would get what I wanted: Salon 206. Located along a busy intersection on Rainier Avenue and McClellan Street, the small salon can be hard to spot for passersby. The atmospherics of the salon is bright, warm, and welcoming, with the sound of music, casual conversations, and hair-snipping filling up the salon. While drop-ins are welcome, wait times can vary depending on the time of day. Fortunately I was able to book an appointment ahead of time, and requested Lan as my hairstylist.

Overall, my previous experiences at Salon 206 have always been positive, and this time was no
different. After showing Lan a couple of photos of how I wanted my hair cut, she quickly got to work and explained the process as it went along. After about 15 minutes, I was able to leave the salon excited about having short hair again. On top of that, it cost me less than $25. Why spend more at an expensive, high-end salon when there are places that charge at budget-friendly prices? As a bonus, you might receive a few compliments or send people rushing to their nearest budget-friendly salon.

After look

Salon 206
2603 S McClellan St, Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 723-1446