By: J.T. Oldfield – Ethnic Seattle

July 18-19 @ Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple

(1427 S Main St Seattle, WA 98144)

Free Event!

More info Here

At the Bon Odori Festival, you will see festival-goers dressed in traditional kimono, yukata, and happi coats. You’ll see dancers in folks dancing in the street in a giant oval, martial arts performances, Taiko performances, and traditional craft demonstrations. With booths full of Japanese food & refreshments, what’s not to like?

This summer Japanese festival is a Seattle institution, in its 84th year this year. The festival’s main purpose is to honor and remember ancestors and loved ones who have passed away, feeling their presence in our daily lives. But it also brings members of the community together to have a good time and celebrate Japanese culture. It’s a great way to get outdoors and have fun in the International District!

Photo by Joe Mabel at Seattle Bon Odori Festival