Winter doesn't have to be so cold with these drinks

By LeAnn Nguyen and Bao Nguyen
February 19, 2018

So the groundhog saw its shadow this past Groundhog Day and that means we are collectively going to suffer for 6 more weeks of cold weather whining, the activity that binds all Seattleites.

But if you’re not ready to give in to S.A.D., if you want to put up a fight, we have a few ideas – 5 to be exact.

Mocktails – nonalcoholic mixed drinks – are making their ways onto menus everywhere. These are not merely your typical cocktails with the alcohol removed (but some are). Most are created specifically to be nonalcoholic while still balanced in flavors.

We strained the internet for tropical mocktail ideas and enlisted the help of the fun folks at Crawfish King to make them to see how they really taste. These drinks certainly warmed our spirits and let’s just say it’s a good thing there was no alcohol in them because we couldn’t stop!


Cinderella mocktail. Photo by TNP Photography.

Nothing says summer quite like a nice citrusy drink and the Cinderella is chock full of their flavors. It includes lemon, orange, and pineapple juices, combined with grenadine and ginger ale (or club soda) to balance out the tartness with sweetness.

Taste test: I love how light and refreshing this drink is. All those citrus flavors combined for a burst of tartness but it’s quickly followed by the sweet grenadine for well-balanced drink. This would work really well as a non-alcoholic punch for parties, if you could make enough for everyone!

Mango Mint Sparkler

Mango mint sparkler. Photo by TNP Photography.

Have you ever felt cold while eating a mango? No? That’s because mangos have a unique chemical that causes a warming sensation when consumed. While this isn’t scientifically true at all, I can say from personal experience that eating mangos always make me feel several degrees warmer than what the thermometer says. Essentially a mango mojito, this drink says tropical like no other.

Taste test: I’m not a big fan of mojitos but I do love mangos so this drink is really confusing! But does it make me feel like I’m sitting in a Mexican taqueria chomping down on a carne asada taco with mango salsa. Make sure you know where the nearest taco truck is before making this drink. Better yet, have some ready to go!