By Bao Nguyen
January 29, 2018

Did you make New Year resolutions? How are they going, by the way?

Wait! Before you close the window, let me tell you that this article is not here to shame you. Promise.

The fact of the matter is you’re not alone. Most people give up on their New Year resolutions within the first month! Whatever excitement and determination you might have felt as you sat down to make a list of self-improvement goals for this year probably disappeared when it was time to carry out the work to achieve your ideal self. As wholesome as many resolutions sound, they’re just not that fun to think about.

Many articles will say that it’s not what your goals are but how you approach them that matters. While that is probably is true, we believe that some alternative resolutions might be just the thing to get you feeling like you’re having a good time and becoming better person.

There are still 11 months left in 2018 to make a difference, so let’s give these new New Year resolutions a chance!

Eat more ethnic

One of the most common New Year resolutions has something to do with eating healthy or going on a diet. But we know you love to eat! How about eating more ethnic cuisines instead? Paleo and Atkins might not be what you need, but there’s always Ethiopian and Vietnamese, both of which offer plenty of healthy options. Ethnic Seattle regularly reports on restaurants owned by immigrants and PoCs, check back for ideas!

Shop local

Saving money also makes many people’s resolution list. But when the shopping bug hits you, you can do something good by shopping local. Supporting local businesses means more money stays within your community as those businesses often buy from other local vendors and it multiplies. Every dollar  spent generates twice as much in income for the local economy!

Tap into your creative side

Another popular resolution is learning to play a music instrument. But we feel that what most people mean by this is they want to tap into their creativity. There are lots of ways to bring out your inner artist besides a learning an instrument. Freewriting is an easy activity that has been shown to increase creative thought. Playing around in the kitchen is also a great way to show your creativity, and you may even get something delicious at the end. Ethnic Seattle will help by sharing more recipe ideas this year.

Engage with your community

Maybe you had making more friends as a resolution. But…how? We suggest starting by being more involved in your community. It’s a great to give back and you’ll surely meet others who will show you a good time. Volunteer with your favorite nonprofit organization, attend community events, or if you’re doing well on your goal to save money, make a donation to a cause that’s important to you.

Decrease your carbon footprint

We only have one Earth to call home, let’s treat it right, not only for ourselves, but for future generations to come. Recycling, although important, is still the least impactful. If you can still remember, Reduce and Reuse come before Recycling. Shopping and eating locally (and organically when you can) go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint by cutting out the energy it takes to transport goods from far away.