Get There Early, It'll Be Gone in 30 Mins

By Rosin Saez, Kelvin Leung

Nothing beats BIG old Doughnuts, especially when a forthcoming doughnut shop is popping up inside Eastern Cafe. And that’s exactly what I-Miun Liu and Mi Kim of Raised Doughnuts plan to do coming Saturday, May 21.

Doughnuts Pop-Up at Eastern Cafe on 5/21

The duo will have in tow a lineup of their yeasted doughnuts in flavors like blueberry basil, apple fritter, ube coconut topped with coconut flakes, fruit pie, and bright pink raspberry doughnut holes, plus the ever-classic plain glazed doughnut. They’ll test out some fun new FLAVORS and will reveal the ones for the POP UP ! These gems come fresh at 10am until gone, so get there EARLY!

Raised Doughnuts has something for everyone. They offer the classics as well as “raised” specials that range from seasonal favorites to unique flavor combinations. All of their doughnuts are made from scratch, hand cut, and delicious!!

Doughnuts Pop-Up 3/25. Credit: Raised Doughnuts

The last doughnuts Pop-Up attracted well over 50 people. Make sure you get there early and invite your friends over Facebook.