May 8, 2017
By Ethnic Seattle Staff

In 2010, Herman Lanier retired from his job at the University of Washington to make and sell his candy full time. He admits that when he got the recipe from his aunt he “never planned to take it to any level,” but the art of candy making soon became his passion and he pursued it with dedication.   

Now, Lanier runs his entire operation from a converted space in his home. He transformed his garage into a certified commercial kitchen and the adjoining basement space is the packaging and cooling area.

He has expanded from only making brittle with peanuts to also using cashews, pistachios, pecan, almonds, and macadamia nuts. He has two machines for dipping the candy in chocolate; the larger machine is for dark chocolate and the smaller for light. The latter also serves as a way to stay grounded with his trade as it requires him to hand dip the candy, a process he enjoys while listening to jazz.

This past holiday season at Ethnic Seattle’s Holiday Market Popup, Lanier sold around 70 units of famously delicious candy.

Watch below as Lanier talks candy, business, and Ethnic Business Coalition.

Lanier’s Fine Candies: From Sheet Metal to Sheets of Peanut Brittle