The Rainier Valley's annual feasting at independently owned ethnic eateries starts this Friday.

By Rashi Bhogal
March 20, 2017

Seattle is definitely no stranger when it comes to delicious cuisines from all over the world. Plate of Nations, sponsored by The Stranger and the Rainier Valley Community Development Fund,  among others, is once again gearing up to host its annual food lover’s spring event in Rainier Valley. It all starts on March 24. The two-week event is a lineup of authentic immigrant- and minority-owned restaurants serving cuisines from regions like Northeast Africa, Vietnam, China, and Thailand, and showing off their amazing dishes and various small plates.

Seattleites will get to travel the globe by way of diverse menus without ever having to leave the city. Head over to Bananas Grill for Mediterranean-inspired lemon pepper fish and chicken shawarma, then zip to Foo Lam’s for yummy Chinese plates like the spicy garlic chicken and barbecue pork. Afterwards swing by Momona and check out the sweet-and-savory flavors of Eritrean cuisine by sampling the silic fitfit, a salad infused with hot sauce, or some mouthwatering lamb tibs.

Bring it back full circle by making a pit stop at Seasoned in Seattle. Try their Beacon Bowl-a herb quinoa base complemented with a medley of served with sweet potato fritters, or the MLK Mashup which includes a smoked mozzarella polenta based flavor with wilted greens featuring a creamy sun-dried tomato sauce. Another plus? Fans of the punk rock band Social Distortion can enjoy a memorabilia museum at the cafe as well.  

Plate of Nations was created by Asari Mohamath and it’s the signature event of the MLK Business Association. MLKBA is a nonprofit organization established in 2008 to serve business owners along Martin Luther King Jr Way South.Their goal: to unify business owners of different immigrant communities in Rainier Valley, and to highlight authentic eateries by building a strong foundation for culturally diverse businesses. Check out their Facebook page to enter contests and win prizes such as private cooking classes from Bananas Grill and Northeast African Halal Cuisine. Other giveaways include Kindle Fires and swag bags filled with surprise goodies.

Craving scrumptious dishes? Want to support small business owners? All roads lead to “yes.” We know food. We know good food, and we will always appreciate impeccably flavorful dishes while supporting our neighbors, who make us who we are.

Plate of Nations
March 24 thru April 9