By Rosin Saez
January 16, 2017


Thu, Jan 19
Re:definition 2017 First Exhibit Launch Party
The event page says: Re:definition was launched in 2016 with the goal of redefining historic cultural space. With this mission in mind, STG has transformed our Paramount Theatre’s lobby bar into an art gallery. Rotating exhibits throughout the year showcase works from visual artists whose pieces highlight issues of race and social justice, both locally and globally. Seattle Theatre Group is pleased to invite you to the exhibit launch party for Re:definition 2017, which is free and open to the public, do RSVP. The exhibit will from January 19 through May 24.

Now thru Feb 4
Truth B Told
“For the past 12 years, the Onyx Fine Arts Collective has been an organization committed to supporting artists to share art forged in blackness.The group’s current show, through Feb. 4 at historic King Street Station, is a creative explosion of a variety of truths — some contemporary, some historical, but all filling the void of representation in Northwest art. ‘The truth I want told is that there is an abundance and an enormous variety of art in the Northwest black community and that we have so much to give and contribute to the Northwest as artist. That’s the truth,’” Lola Peters, an Onyx board member told the Seattle Globalist. Read the Seattle Globalist’s illuminating preview about the exhibit for more details.

Community & Civics

Mon, Jan 16
Letter from Birmingham Jail: A Community Reading
“Composed in April 1963, Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” was a dispatch from the very center of the most galvanizing activist movement America has known. It represents a call to nonviolent resistance, an admonishment to passive allies, a how-to-guide to protest, a canny piece of PR, a landmark work of protest literature, and a full-throated prophecy for America. In Dr. King’s memory, artists, activists, authors, and elected officials will gather to share his timeless message,” says the event page, at Seattle Town Hall from 7:30 to 9pm.

Wed, Jan 25
Social Justice Fund Info Session
The SJF says: Interested in joining a Giving Project? Want to know more about SJF’s model of grassroots philanthropy? Our info sessions are for anyone interested in getting involved with Social Justice Fund. Learn about our 2017 Giving Projects and meet new people who are excited about supporting progressive social change work in our region! And remember to RSVP.


Jan 26 thru Feb 11
Children’s Film Festival
The Northwest Film Forum is hosting a lineup of 192 films from over 50 countries, in which kids ages 2 to 14 can hear the music of dozens of different languages in the festival, and feast their eyes on gorgeous animation, crisp live action, documentary and features films that run the gamut from laugh-out-loud funny to unforgettably poignant. Find the full schedule here.

Food & Drink

Sat, Jan 21
DIY Pozole Making Class
El Centro de la Raza says: Learn how to cook our favorite dishes, share in our culture, and meet new people all at the same time! Class fees benefit our Senior Nutrition & Wellness Program. This meal in a bowl is indigenous to the tribes living among the U.S. Southwest and Mexico that include the Hopi, Pueblos, the Aztecs and many others. Instructor Janet hopes you will join her to learn how to make this celebrated traditional dish.

If your bones are just too cold to even boil a pot of water, here is Ethnic Seattle’s guide to warming soups guaranteed to soothe the soul.