By Rosin Saez
January 13, 2016

Co-owners Bobbie Yanoupeth and Michael Sing are longtime friends who’ve lived in New York City and San Francisco, respectively, for years. But now both are returning home to Seattle, where they will open up their new hair salon and floral shop called Bahtoh this spring.

“If a girl’s stepping out and she looks amazing, [you say] bahtoh, girl,” says Yanoupeth, who’s bringing a bit of his Laotian culture to the new shop slated to open at 672 South Jackson St in the International District come springtime.

A year and a half ago, after successfully collaborating on a friend’s wedding among other projects, the local duo decided to dive into business together. “We kind of just dropped everything. We realized that we really understand each other’s aesthetic; our work became more magical, a little whimsical,” says Yanoupeth.

That whimsy comes in the form of an 850 square-foot boutique with lavender-hued walls, wherein Sing and Yanoupeth have a welcoming botanical oasis of a waiting room, or rather living room, plus the floral shop, and retail space highlighting wares from local makers. The salon area will be nestled behind partitions.

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