By Emma Engelfried
January 9, 2016

The holiday season may have ended, but the winter months are only just beginning. Here’s a few spots to warm the body and soul. Soup’s on!

King Noodle

Customizable bowls of noodle soup abound at this bustling King Street location. Make your own combination by picking your broth base, type of noodle, proteins, and veggies. From perfectly salted chicken broth to fiery Sichuan spicy; soft and thin flat rice noodles or thick cut udon; proteins ranging from tofu skins to beef brisket—King Noodle will warm you right up. Did I mention they have congee?615 S. King St., 206-748-9168

Hoang Lan

Just off the Othello Light Rail stop on Martin Luther King Junior Way is Hoang Lan. A hole in the wall gem most well known for its bun bo hue. The dish, sometimes referred to as pho’s heartier cousin, is loaded with ham hock, pork sausage, blood cakes, and beef tendon. Customize your bowl with cabbage, lime, jalapeño, cilantro, and bean sprout and dig into a bowl full of flavor, vermicelli noodles, and a variety of protein. P.S. Bring cash! 7119 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, 206-722-3976

Sichuanese Cuisine

Tucked into the retail strip on 12th Avenue where the International District begins, this nondescript restaurant is serving up some of the hottest (literally) hot pot in town. The broth arrives in a metallic bowl split in half–spicy on one side, not so spicy on the other–with a burner attached to the bottom. Wait for the server to turn the burner on and the liquid to start to bubble before adding your desired allotments of thinly sliced meat, noodles, and veggies. You will surely leave full, they won’t stop bringing platters of raw food until you ask, and most likely a little sweaty, that spicy side is spicy and hey, cooking is hard work, but definitely warmer than when you arrived.1048 S Jackson St., 206-720-1690, website


Japanese-style ramen has been a slow trend to gain ground in Seattle compared to some major cities in the state. Tsukunshinbo, a cozy spot on Main serving classic Japanese cuisine, has made a name for itself serving the hot noodle soup. This is no everyday soup, however. The restaurant has designated Wednesday for miso ramen and Friday for shoyu ramen with gyoza and rice. Served only at lunch time and in limited quantities. Get there early, the line has been known to stretch down the block, but don’t worry, your wait in the cold will be justly rewarded. 515 S Main St, 206-467-4004 Facebook page

Taqueria El Asadero

A unique round, high pointed tent, calls people to this body and soul warming spot serving authentic Mexican food just off Rainier Avenue South. Pull into the parking lot behind, order at the bus window, and wait in the semi-permanent structure sheltering from the wind. The hearty beef stew, birria de res, is a must. The broth is made from dried chilies and beef stock and the finished product is spicy and complex with chunks of slow cooked meat and fresh cilantro. Its served with corn tortillas, lime, and thinly sliced radishes. Have no fear, eat it outside, the hard plastic tent will provide wind coverage and birria will do its part to keep you warm, you’ll be happy you ordered an ice cold soda to go with it. 3513 Rainier Ave S, 206-722-9977

La Teranga

La Teranga, Columbia City’s very own Senegalese restaurant offers some delectably warm dishes for these frigid Seattle days. There’s a place on the menu just for soups, which should certainly not be overlooked, but you can’t miss the goat curry–curry counts as soup right? Chose from red or coconut curry, relax, and wait for your steaming dish of delightfully spiced goat curry served atop a pile of jasmine rice. 4903 Rainier Ave S., 206-725-1188, Facebook page


DIY Pozole at El Centro de la Raza

Prefer a do it yourself method? Check out El Centro de la Raza’s pozole making class on January 21st on Beacon Hill. Here’s a link to their Facebook page for more information and to purchase tickets. All proceeds go to their Senior Nutrition and Wellness Program. Enjoy a bowl of delicious pozole and bring home some hot tips to impress your friends at home. 2524 16th Ave S