By Rashi Bhogal, Edited by Rosin Saez
December 26, 2016

Nikita Mathis didn’t know too much about running a shop when she first started out back in 2002. As she says, “I had no business opening a business.” But what started as a side job became a thriving little boutique known as Platinum Plush Fashions.

Long before she owned her own store, Mathis was sharpening her sales skills at places like Air Touch Cellular, which later turned into Verizon, and Swedish Hospital. But as a struggling single mom of two children, she needed more cash flow. Enter a bit of luck: Mathis connected with a vendor through a mutual friend who supplied her with novelty items, like Champion socks for one. From door to door, from barbershops to beauty salons she went. She turned a profit on day one and never looked back.

Before long, Mathis was attending trade shows, making connections, and purchasing more merchandise. Soon after, she opened Platinum Plush Fashions.

The struggle was real in the beginning, especially when light rail construction really put a slow on business; Platinum Plush Fashions is located just a mere block away after all. Mathis received business interruption funds from Sound Transit, but had to get out the shop regardless. She went store to store from Central District all the way to Renton, earning her the title, “The Shoe Lady.”

Her sheer enthusiasm for fashion is what propelled her forward. Her genuine and organic way of thinking is what has sustained her career. Her goal as a stylist? She says, “Sell clothes that make people feel good and standout.” And that she does.

Find her fashions at 6511 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South.