...go there now for unique Filipino-themed gifts.

By Rosin Saez
December 20, 2016

In the Philippines, the Christmas season starts in September. People hang star-shaped Christmas lanterns known as parol and decorate the heck out of everything. String lights everywhere. And while Palengke Shop doesn’t carry holiday decor, they’ve got the unique, Filipino gifts that you need. “We wanted to provide a space for Filipino-themed goods and highlight the non-food things that Filipinos are making,” says Janelle Quibuyen, who is a wearer of many hats: co-founder of Make Look Good, coordinated Palengke, social media maven, and more. But don’t worry, there’s still of course plenty of delicious food gifts to go around.

Palengke, meaning “market” in tagalog, is a collection of gifts and goods from local artists, makers, creators, and bakers all under one roof. Three Filipino-owned local businesses—Hood Famous Bakeshop, Food & Sh*t, and Make Look Good—have teamed up for special holiday popup that’s open now through December 30. Do. Not. Sleep. On. This. Be the gift giver we all know you can be.

Here’s just a peek into the eclectic mix of goods Palengke offers…

Palengke is located across from Pike Place Market at Alchemy Goods, just head upstairs to the mezzanine. And it just so happens that “this storefront actually used to be an old Filipino store called Manila Imports,” says Quibuyen. “I believe it was opened in the ’80s, and so we thought it would be a really cool location to be able to continue offering Filipino-themed goods in the same space that was here before us.”

If you are crushed for time, then the online shop is your best bet.

Palengke. Photo: Janelle Quibuyen

Palengke. Photo: Janelle Quibuyen


Monday thru Friday, 11–7pm
Saturday & Sunday, 10–8pm

All photos used with permission by Palengke/Janelle Quibuyen.