Cannabis, candles, clothing, and more with the owner of this fresh and edgy smoke shop

By Rashi Bhogal
November 16, 2016

Trichomelocated on 6th and Jackson in the International District, is more than just a smoke shop; it’s a lifestyle choice. The space has a retro feel to it with pinball machines on either side of the entrance and a table made from vintage television sets from the ’80s. It is a reflection of a new, innovative way of thinking when it comes to cannabis use and its existing culture. Shoppers can find anything from unisex clothing and jewelry to a “Toke kwon do” Bruce Lee pipe, handmade by the much–sought after Charles Krafttto all-natural hand crafted soaps by Maak Lab, a company based out of Portland, OR. Ethnic Seattle sat down with one of the owners, Seattle-native John Le, to talk about the inspiration behind Trichome. 


A Joint Kit.

What sets Trichome apart from all these other head shops popping up around the Seattle area?

We focus on modern cannabis culture and beautiful products that are functional.  Our products follow through overlapping strokes of design and art and reference our point of view. We support brands and products that are missing from the Seattle landscape. Maybe you are a person that cares about the technical or ritualistic aspects of smoking—or perhaps you want your smoking products to fit in with the rest of your personal goods that were chosen very specifically and after some thorough research.  If you spent time and energy to make a conscious choice about your coffee table, the objects that sit on that coffee table should live up to the same standards. Those products would be from Trichome.

What are some of your favorite products that you carry? What do you see customers gravitate towards?

Lexco makes a very trick pocket storage solution for joints, blunts and cigarettes.  These crushproof cases are constructed out of American walnut and have been handmade from Michigan since the 1970s.

MALIN+GOETZ candles and soaps are staples in the shop. We also carry STRAY RATS, an underground clothing brand from the east coast making waves right now. Our Trichome hoodies and crewnecks always go quick.


MALIN+GOETZ products

I looked up what Trichome means—it’s very technical. What does Trichome mean for this shop and how do you connect to that word?

It’s a plant biology term meaning a hairlike projection from a plant epidermal cell. Examples include root hairs, the stinging hairs of nettle leaves, and the THC containing gland sacks of the cannabis plant, something we are most interested in.

Tell me about your upcoming anniversary.

This will mark our third year of operation.  Look for a ‘SALE’ and, if you know the right people, a celebration.

The store has an interesting vibe. Did you design it yourself? And if so, what was the inspiration behind it?

Design and buildout was done ourselves.  It took half a year to peel back about 100 years of history.

The space is inspired by the Foot Clan Hideout in the 1990s movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

We did our best to preserve the original brick, metal I-beams, and huge wooden beams that remind me of a traditional Japanese tea house.

Smoking marijuana is a norm for many Seattleites. The stigma surrounding smoking culture continues to lessen and Trichome reflects a fresh new vibe—it isn’t just a head shop but also a home goods and clothing store. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the design is intriguing and flawless. So whether you’re looking for a pipe, new clothes or just want to browse what Trichome has to offer—chances are you will find what you’re looking for.

Trichome will be at Ethnic Seattle’s Shop Small, Shop Ethnic Holiday Campaign on November 26.