Fall's favorite flavor...yes, pumpkin everything, everywhere. And these 7 spots have some unique treats!


By Jacklyn Tran
October 28, 2016

Beautiful fall foliage, crisp, cool air may be highlights of the autumn season; but by far the most highly enjoyed mainstays of fall in Seattle are the pumpkin-laced-everything offered around town. Here’s just a few of the pumpkin-blessed stops to make in some of our favorite little neighborhoods.


Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt, needs no introduction. One bite of the divinely smooth, and sumptuous Greek yogurt immediately proves its superiority. Loyal fans flock to nosh on staples such as the passion fruit or marionberry, all made from the freshest ingredients. “What’s the secret to making the best?” I once asked while enthralled in my cup of the dreamy rhubarb variety of months past. Simply put, “I don’t know. It was the family’s grandma’s recipe,” replied the cashier. While the rhubarb has rotated out, devotees are happily taking in all the creamy, velvety layered goodness of the Pumpkin Pie flavor, where the perfect balance of sweet and spice makes everything nice. 5707 Airport Way S; various locations; (206) 535-7562

Devotees are happily taking in all the creamy, velvety layered goodness of the Pumpkin Pie flavor, where the perfect balance of sweet and spice makes everything nice.

Buddha Ruksa

Buddha Ruksa is a fan favorite in West Seattle and in part due to one of their signature dishes, the prawns and pumpkin curry. In this traditional Thai curry, red curry and coconut milk come together for a creamy rendition where tender pieces of pumpkin nearly melt in your mouth and a generous portion of prawns are included alongside red bell peppers and lots of sweet Thai basil. 3520 SW Genesee St; (206) 937-7676

Thai Simple Curry

The quaint Thai Simple Curry of the International District is just that, fresh and simple! The small menu boasts authentic Thai curries, a salad and the popular noodle dishes of Thailand: pad thai, pad see ew and pad kee mao. Weekly tofu specials include the delicious pumpkin curry on Tuesdays. Served with rice, the aromatic curry greets you long before your fork has a chance to reach the plate. With a comforting richness, the essence of multiple spices carries through each bite while chunks of potato, kabocha squash, onion, and tofu make for a hearty meal. Hours are limited however, so make your way down for weekday lunches only as they are also closed on the weekend. 406 5th Avenue S; (206) 327-4838

Essential Baking Company

At Essential Baking Company, breads, pastries, crackers, and desserts are created using the finest organic and natural Northwest ingredients in combination with time-honored European-style techniques. Seasonal orange chocolate chip muffins and cranberry pecan scones are tasty while the pumpkin whoopie pie is irresistible! Thick, moist pumpkin cookies sandwich a fluffy cream cheese frosting to create an incredibly crave-able treat. 719 E Madison St; various locations; (206) 328-0078

Salted Sea

At Salted Sea: Seafood and Raw Bar in Columbia City, the coconut pumpkin fish chowder is as unique as it is fulfilling. This new modern American seafood restaurant with a subtle Vietnamese influence serves smoked trout combined with kabocha squash, a silky coconut lemongrass broth, and caramelized coconut chips—Vietnam by way of Pacific Northwest autumnal ingredients. After warming up with this seasonal chowder indulge in the grilled albacore tuna over a bed of grilled romaine salad to experience the full “Salted Sea Trifecta.” 4915 Rainier Ave S, Ste 101; (206) 858-6328

Salted Sea's squash curry with toasted coconut. Photo: Jacklyn Tran

Salted Sea’s trout and kabocha squash. Photo: Jacklyn Tran

Full Tilt

Down the road at Full Tilt Ice Cream splendidly creative ice creams have us swooning year-round. The pumpkin pie ice cream is something truly special. Folded into a scoop of creamy goodness are warm spices of cinnamon and nutmeg while chunks of pumpkin pie reveal themselves in every delicious bite. While the music (sometimes live), vintage arcade games—yes, pinball machines too—and selection of Northwest beers adds threefold the fun to the experience. 5041 Rainier Ave S; various locations; (206) 226-2740

Tin Umbrella

A pumpkin list is never complete without a pumpkin spice latte in the mix. At Tin Umbrella Coffee, a Hillman City cafe and roastery, a pumpkin spice latte is done just right. Housemade with real pumpkin and real ginger, it’s something worth applause. As I waited for my own order I overheard another pumpkin lover exclaim, “definitely not the overpowering spice or sweetness that most places do. It’s so good!” At Tin Umbrella the commitment to keeping the integrity of each coffee bean as a way to recognize the regional distinctions is admirable. Here they feel that you can truly travel the world in a single cup of coffee, or three. Each coffee bean is carefully selected from different regions in the world and roasted on site. So, if you’re going to get giddy over a PSL, this South Seattle spots helps you do so in all the right ways. 5600 Rainier Ave S, Unit A; (206) 743-8802