We give you a look at some of our favorite Seattle spots for live seafood, interesting produce, and more.

By Rosin Saez
August 19, 2016

In the great Pacific Northwest seafood is truly one of our greatest gems. While our regional cuisine is certainly centered around local farm produce and our water’s bounty, Seattle’s immigrant and ethnic communities put their cultural twists on these ingredients.

Recently we shared a recipe for spicy black bean clams with dill, which is a perfect example of using our local seafood. (If you haven’t seen our recipe video yet, go check it out!) If you need fresh, uniquely PNW seafood these four local seafood markets are not to be missed.


Lam’s Seafood Market

This Little Saigon area market has it all. There’s inexpensive produce and rare finds like fresh mangosteen, Thai banana,  uni, geoduck, live Dungeness crab, and so much more. Towards the back, walk up to a seafood counter packed with ice and fish aplenty. For those who may be intimated, don’t be. Here, they have an easy number system to help communicate exactly how you’d like seafood preapred: heads off, de-boned, fileted, and so on. 1221 S King Street, 206-720-0969, lamsseafood.com, open daily 8-8

See this Lam’s video for more information:

Island Pacific Supermarket

This stop along Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Rainier Valley showcases the colorful and rich Filipino food culture through specialty items and native dishes from various regions of the Philippines.

Within it’s spacious walls you’ll find a slew of Filipino goodies and treats, but there are insane seafood deals to take advantage of here: delicate hamachi yellowtail for less than $2 per pound, stewing hen for 99 cents per pound, and more rare fish for less than $3 per pound. And each week they release new specials on seasonal seafood.

And, if you just don’t feel like cooking, inside Island Pacific is the PhilHouse, a casual cafe filled with comforting Filipino dishes like fried pork skins, tangy sinigang soup, caldereta or stewed meat, pickled bittermelon, and more to eat there or take home.
6040 Martin Luther King Jr Way South, 206-723-6997, islandpacificmarket.com, open daily 8-8

Ba Mien

Deeper still into Rainier Valley on Beacon Hill is this Asian supermarket, ready to stock your pantry with quality goods at affordable prices. Located in Phuoc Loc Tho plaza, this market also has weekly specials for everything from savory sauces to fresh produce to seafood to stacks of snacks. And don’t let the small size fool you; they’ve got a lot of variety. 6951 Martin Luther King Jr Way South, (206) 420-7724, facebook.com/bamienseafoodmarket, open daily 8-8

Wong Tung Seafood

This market that sits between the Central District and Little Saigon, is known for its quality and stellar prices. Here, get score deals on crab, clams, geoduck, spot prawns, various fish, oysters, lobster, and funky-fresh fish paste. They even carry live King crab, cod, among other rotating options. Big P.S. This place is cash only, come prepared… 210 12th Ave South, 206-323-9222, ngo-imagination.com/seafood/, open 9-6 (or until 3 on Tuesdays)