Taylor Hoang on the 'Your Last Meal' podcast with KIRO Radio's Rachel Belle. They chat about Tom Douglas's last meal of choice: Typhoon Shelter Crab.

By Rosin Saez
August 15, 2016

Tom Douglas, prolific Seattle restauranteur and chef, recently chatted with KIRO Radio’s Rachel Belle on her new podcast, Your Last Meal. They discuss, of course, what his last meal would be. T-Doug, after he professes that he’d like to be dumped into crab-inhabited waters, tells Belle that his last meal of choice is crab. He loves the crustacean, especially served whole with chilis, garlic, and black bean sauce. It’s also known as typhoon shelter crab.

This dish, says Pho Cyclo Cafe owner and Ethnic Business Coalition Executive Director Taylor Hoang, originates from Hong Kong:

“Typhoon shelter is a collection of all of the Saipan boats that lived in and around the causeway of Hong Kong and that was where they would take cover from the typhoons. And so it was a whole village of boat people, fishermen. At night, they would band together and have dinner on these boats. And this is where the typhoon shelter crab came from. These boats don’t have a lot of fresh ingredients on them, so they would fry up the crab really quick in their wok with lots of oil, garlic, chili, and heaping those on top of the crab. Also a lot of fermented beans.”

So, where can you find this crab dish in Seattle? Hoang recommends Honey Court seafood restaurant in Chinatown-International District.

For more information of the history of this dish, the Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern takes a deeper look:

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Every other week on Your Last Meal, Rachel Belle will interview a person of note – a famous singer or actor or athlete or chef – about what their last meal would be. Then she’ll take that dish on a journey and look at the history of the food, maybe figure out who makes the very best version — it can go anywhere, depending on what food they choose.

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