Be sure to check out all the local businesses, artists, and all around fun this Saturday.

By Rashi Bhogal
June 16, 2016

The Station on Beacon Hill is a small locally owned coffee shop that is reminiscent of cafes before the Seattle tech boom. This rise of the lively Beacon Hill community is beautifully mirrored in the expansion and growth of the shop as it is often referred to as the “hub” of the up and coming neighborhood. They’re throwing another epic event called The Station’s Block Party, which celebrates hip-hop music as well as other artistic endeavors. Check it all out on Saturday, June 18 from noon to 8.

The festival will have local vendors selling everything from food and drinks to clothing and art. Try a delicious treat from Hoods Famous Bake Shop, a bakery specializing in Filipino, Asian, and Hawaiian desserts. Neema’s Comfort will be serving southern soul food like a macaroni and cheese plate or their “Soul in a Bowl”. Check out hoodies and tees from Rebels & Scholars, a brand celebrating Latino culture with a Northwest twist. There will also be a ton of performances by artists including Silas Black, Aji & Adonis Piper, and the Reverend Dollars’ just to name a few. You can see the full list of performers here. And while it’s not official yet, there may even be some nice, cold beer too.  

This year, the Station is partnering up with Got Green, an environmental justice organization which wages grassroots campaigns to develop community leadership. They’ve also teamed up with Beacon Arts, a volunteer-based nonprofit organization whose main goal is to develop opportunities for artists and audiences alike by activating and restoring underutilized spaces.

The block party will be co-hosted by three locals who are, in their own ways, changing the city of Seattle with exciting, new, and contemporary ideas. Nikkita Oliver is an artist, educator, race equality advocate, and lawyer, who connects education, art, and activism. Brett Hamil, a local writer and comedian, hosts a live semi-monthly talk show at the Northwest Film Forum. Kirby Teuila Grey is first and foremost an acupuncturist and spiritual practitioner.

The event is a way for South Seattle Community to gather and celebrate its diverse neighborhood. It’s an innovative space where local poets, musicians, artists, families, and creators merge only to erupt into an awesome burst of eye opening creativity. Join them this Saturday if you can!