The first walking tour of the season launches on May 13.

It’s baaaack: Taylor Hoang is once again walking the culinary curious through Little Saigon and Chinatown-International District for a three-hour tour of little-known gems, delis, bakeries, grocery stores, and more. Not only will tour-goers eat their way through these densely delicious neighborhoods (seriously “come hungry” advises the tour event page), they will learn from Hoang, owner and chef of Pho Cyclo Cafes and Executive Director of Ethnic Business Coalition, how to navigate these businesses, shop for rare and often inexpensive ingredients, and take advantage of these unique shops and markets.

Here’s a sneak peek

One Seattle Times article describes some of the stops on the tour:

“Next stop was Lam’s Seafood Market, which contains far more than seafood. Hoang walked through the produce department describing the differences in the five types of choy greens, how she uses feathery minty chrysanthemum leaves in soups, how to cook the fat taro roots, and the benefits of buying a sack of fresh mint for 69 cents rather than the typical supermarket clamshells offering a few stalks for $2.49.

She showed how to take home a whole fish even if there was a language barrier at the counter, by pointing to the numbered signs indicating the different stages of processing requested, from beheading the fish to packing it up fully cleaned and filleted. Outside, she peeled juicy longan fruits and demonstrated how to squeeze open a purple mangosteen and pull out the sweet-and- sour segments like cloves of garlic.”

Read up on more Food Walking Tours coverage from Seattle Met magazine here and here. Tours are $65 per person and can be booked via the Ethnic Seattle website. If you can’t make the May 13 tour, the next one is May 21.

Full disclosure: Ethnic Seattle is directly connected to Ethnic Business Coalition.