“In the end, it’s elbow grease. You have to work your tail off, whether you’re a man or a woman, but it’s especially true if you’re a woman.”—Gita Bangera

By: Rosin Saez, with Andrew Cook
April 22, 2016

As we quickly come upon Mother’s Day, we at Ethnic Seattle are reflecting on the strong and diverse women in our eclectic city. From our sisters and mothers to business leaders and entrepreneurs, we have so many wonderfully unique, intelligent, and hard-working women to look to for inspiration. And while the list is seemingly endless, we’ve talked to some of our favorite restaurant owners, community leaders, and educators about their passions, strengths, and more.

As a self-described compulsive learner, Dr. Gita Bangera certainly has the resume to back that up. She is a microbiologist with over two decades of field experience, the Dean of Undergraduate Research at Bellevue College, and co-owner of Nirmal’s restaurant in Pioneer Square, which opened in December of last year and is recently featured in Seattle Met magazine.

In this Ethnic Seattle video, Bangera reflects on her achievements, the resilient and influential women in her life, the importance of working hard, and a nuanced take on gender dynamics in the U.S.

Stay tuned for more Women of Strength and Diversity videos, plus special Mother’s Day coverage.