Shops, food, and...reclaimed wood goods are only a few short Streetcar stops away.

By Katy Wong
April 1, 2016

As a new way to get around the city, the First Hill Streetcar is an easy and scenic way to visit diverse neighborhoods. It fits up to 140 passengers and the level boarding makes the travel accessible for all. Beginning at Broadway and Denny Way, the streetcar travels through Capitol Hill, Little Saigon, Chinatown, Japantown, and ends at Pioneer Square—all for the reasonable price of $2.25.

Without further ado, here’s an introduction into just some of the things to do and see at some of the streetcar stops, and the best part: each place is only a few minutes’ walk from the station platforms.


Little Saigon

Get off at South Jackson Street and 12th Ave S to arrive the Little Saigon. Walk along South Jackson Street and you can’t miss the Viet-Wah Supermarket that offers Asian groceries including Chinese and Vietnamese snacks, vegetables, and housewares.

After a long walk around the Little Saigon, visit Imperial Foot Massage for an ultimate relaxation and recharge your energy. Different parts of our foot is often linked to another distant parts of our body, getting a foot massage from a professional therapist can improve circulation and help prevent foot and ankle injuries.

Viet-Wah Supermarket
1032 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA 98104

Imperial Foot Massage
900 S Jackson St #217
Seattle, WA 98104


The Chinatown stop is located between Little Saigon and Japantown at South Jackson Street and 7th Ave. Tea lovers should visit Seattle Best Tea and enjoy a warm cup of tea in an inviting atmosphere. Famous for their oolong tea, the owners of this small local business have a great understanding about their tea.

Plank and Grain, a shop that uses old-growth lumber, makes unique wood products and furniture. They sand and finish each piece by hand, and keep the imperfections part of the wood. The store also makes reclaimed woods products like headphones, keyboard covers, and iPhone cases.  

Seattle Best Tea
506 S King St
Seattle, WA 98104

Plank and Grain
666 South King Street
Seattle, WA 98104


Before the streetcar reaches its last stop at Pioneer Square, it pulls up at South Jackson Street and 5th Ave. Drop by the historic Panama Hotel for a cup of coffee, take photos of their historic site built in 1910 by Japanese Architect, Sabro Ozasa. Fun fact: the building houses the last Japanese Bathhouse (Sento) in the United States. Last April, The National Trust for Historic Preservation added the Panama Hotel to its list of nineteen National Treasures named in the Western region of the United States. The hotel also offers bathhouse tour for those who wanted to explore the Japanese-American experience fully.

Another unique shop is Plus45design, which sells jewelry, paper goods, miscellaneous gifts, and furniture. This modern yet classic store is a great place to hunt for treasures. Here, every single product is special.

Panama Hotel
605 ½ South Main Street
Seattle, WA 98104

513 S Main Street
Seattle, WA 98104