By: Katy Wong – Ethnic Seattle

November 13, 2015

The turkey is always the superstar that that makes the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. However, cooking a turkey doesn’t just require love, it also requires time and skill. For 25 years, Kau Kau Restaurant has helped customers to roast their turkeys for Thanksgiving. It has become a popular service offered by the restaurant over the years.

Kau Kau Restaurant has been serving Chinese BBQ for more than 40 years in the Chinatown International District. Founded by Wai Chow Eng in 1974, who was a community leader and Chinatown International District developer, the family restaurant is now owned by the second generation of the family.

“We started out doing one to two turkeys, but now we are cooking up to 80 turkeys for Thanksgiving,” Lynn Eng-Chang, owner of Kau Kau Restaurant said.

Customers can bring in turkeys to the restaurant to roast. Meanwhile, Kau Kau also roasts their own turkeys for customers. Turkeys will be seasoned in a similar way of their famous Chinese BBQ duck and chicken. Instead of baking or frying the turkeys in a traditional way, they will be hang roasted.

Hanging the roasted turkeys give the skin a perfect pale-golden crust. The seasoning locks in moisture as the turkey roasts, resulting in a tender and juicy meat that one can’t resist.

“A customer came last year to place his order for Thanksgiving, but he was too late so he put in his order really early this year,” said Chang. “He came in about two weeks ago and put in his order.”

Although this is a popular services during Thanksgiving, Chang said they roast turkeys for customers all year round. In fact, this is actually a “secret service” that has spread around the community.

“It is like a secret menu, it is not on the restaurant’s website.” Chang said.

To place a turkey order with Kau Kau Restaurant, Chang suggested customers get their order in early. The restaurant needs at least two days to get the turkey ready for customers to pick up.

Kau Kau Restaurant
Address: 656 S. King St. Seattle, WA 98104
Hour: Open Daily 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Fri & Sat until 11 p.m.
Tel: (206) 682-4006