By: Harry Bradford – The Huffington Post

Food. It comes in all shapes, sizes, flavors, aromas, and names. Ever wondered what the most popular cuisines are across the U.S.?

A collaborative effort between The Huffington Post and Yelp set out to uncover answers to this question. Their efforts led them to find the most disproportionately popular cuisines in each state.

Yelp’s restaurant listings were used to determine the most common cuisines in each state. Calculations were made in finding the percentage of total restaurants “each cuisine represented in a given state.” Percentages were then compared to the cuisine’s representation in restaurants across the U.S. It is important to note that restaurants may have been counted more than once, as Yelp can place restaurants in more than one type of cuisine (e.g. a Southern-style buffet may be categorized under “Southern” and “Buffet”).

The collaboration reveals that, across the U.S., cuisine preferences and popularity vary greatly from state to state, with cuisines ranging from Filipino, Cuban or Mexican to steak, traditional American, and even Kosher.

Did you know that a majority of the Southern states such as Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina prefer Southern dishes the most? How about your knowledge of Mexican cuisines being the most popular in Arizona and New Mexico?

These findings might not be among the most surprising, but there are some interesting ones. Gluten-free is the most popular in Colorado (followed by Vietnamese at number two and Mexican in third place). In Idaho and Vermont, Gastropubs take the top spot.

Along the West Coast, Filipino cuisine dominates in Nevada (as well as in Alaska), and Taiwanese is the most popular in California. Specifically in Washington State, Vietnamese presides at the top, followed by fish and chips, Thai, Korean, and Japanese.

Check out the map below to see what cuisines are popular across the U.S….

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